mardi, septembre 19, 2006

Au boulot les jeunes!

Pas peu fière de moi, j'ai réussi à faire tricoter un ado!! Regardez cette intensité, cette concentration... C'est pas magnifique? Comme quoi, quand ils veulent, ces jeunes, ils servent à quelque chose!

Toute ressemblance avec une substance illicite existante ou ayant existée ne serait que fortuite et involontaire.

Self Portrait Tuesday : He and I

HE was born in a small city of France.
I was born in Paris

HE was raised by two wonderfull and loving parents, without brothers and sisters.
I had Christmas Eve with a table of twenty.

HE went to the best schools and was a excellent student.
I hardly studied french at the university.

HE lost is parents and found himself aloane in the world.
I still go to my mum every week end.

We discover five years ago that WE were brother and sister.

In OUR family, only the skin does not lies.